The Wild Lemon Project is a Swiss based Non Profit Organization founded in september 2015 on the Greek Island of Lesvos in the heart of the biggest refugee crisis since WW2.

From the beginning the project aimed to assist displaced and truamitized people soon after their perilous journey across the sea with life saving and comforting hot drinks and energy foods.

After a month on the ground as an emergency response on the beach the project grew bigger and started a Tea and Fruit distribution Tent in the biggest registartion camp of the island, solely funded by privates it soon started to serve more than 7000 cups of hot tea and over a ton of fruits daily. Apart from offering free foods, the idea of a Tea Tent was to offer a social platform, a space for people to take a break, take a sip of dignity and feel human again.

From the beginning the project was mostly interested in uprooting the victim-role most people on the run fall into. From the beginning the project was integrating refugees and its now runned mostly by refugees.


The Wild Lemon Project is now offering integration and occupational programs for asylum seekers in Switzerland responding to conditions of displacement and isolation. With our Wild Lemon cantina and catering service we aim at creating a platform for visibility, cultural expression and recognition, offering a chance to experience equality and dignity through work and accomplishment.

In our atelier, we don’t only cook together, but also learn German and share precious social moments. Our platform is flexible and creative and we welcome every new initiative.

Other than our catering we organise food at festivals and local markets.

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