The Wild Lemon tea tent team is working shifts like midnight to 6am, 6am to 3pm, 3pm to midnight to make sure tea is always offered. These people have lives and jobs back home that they have left to dedicate their time and energy to this out of the goodness of their hearts.
S***** & A*** & others are refugees themselves, stuck at the camp, who chose to volunteer to help their compatriots…
Horrified by the conditions at the Moria refugee camp, they started a “Tea Tent” where the simple comfort of a hot, very sweet drink from home can bring a little warmth and normalcy to refugees who have just arrived. They choose the flavor based on the predominant nationality that day. The WIld Lemon Team work tirelessly to establish this service and it is literally the happiest place on the island. They also give out snacks and fruit and baby food and crackers for kids. On days when the kitchen ran out, this was the only food provided. I had the privilege of staying with the Team for three weeks and witnessing their utter devotion to the cause.
Because of the Wild Lemon Projects incredible work over 300000 people in need got a hot cup of tea. But this is just the beginning, they helped so many people, refugees, greek people or volunteers. They worked day and night and created a wonderful positive heaven in this horrible place where they try to keep up the enthusiasm to treat all people with dignity, love and respect.